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The more knowledge you have about the material you work with, the more chance you will succeed with your sewing. That's why we invite our customers to a small fabric school! This fabric school helps you to choose the right kind of fabric for different projects, but also to avoid the beginner's mistakes and, for example, choose the right needle and seam for a particular fabric.

Our fabrics

Nordic Textiles offering a mixture of popular and timeless basic products that there is a constant demand for, and new exciting fabrics that tickle the nerves a little extra. Some of the fabrics have been standing for a long time, while new fun fabrics from popular suppliers constantly appear in the online store. Here comes a small quick guide to our fabrics that will help you find exactly what you are looking for!

Choose fabric

If you are going to sew home furnishings that do not wear so much, such as curtains or ornament pillows, you can choose quite freely among all fabrics. Thin thin fabric also stays fine for a long time when only hanging on a curtain rod. However, if you are going to dress large furniture that is used a lot, you need a durable fabric. The wear resistance of furniture fabrics is measured in martindale and the higher the value of a fabric, the more durable the fabric.

When dressing, there is even more to think about. Based on the garment model, you choose whether or not you need an elastic fabric. Very tight models often require elastic fabric. It is also possible to sew tight-fitting garments of silly woven fabrics, but then you need the formsy garment. If you start from a pattern, it is often stated whether it should be an elastic fabric or not.

The fibers of the fabric can also be important when choosing fabric for clothing sewing. Cotton fabrics are breathable and cool, making them perfect for summer clothes.

But cotton is not as good as, for example, underwear for winter sportswear when the cotton binds the moisture and is poor at keeping the heat.

Then it is, for example, better with wool or polyester that removes the moisture from the body and at the same time heats.

Choose needle and seam

If you want to sew a heavy fabric with a tight weave, you may need to choose a coarser needle in order for it to be able to penetrate and not break or bend. A thinner fabric, on the other hand, needs a thin and fine needle in order not to pull the threads. On some fabrics we have indicated whether a particular needle is particularly suitable.

If it is a knitted elastic fabric that knits, you need a special needle for this that has a rounded head. An ordinary needle can tear off the threads and then it can go stitches in a knit fabric. But a stretch needle or jersey needle with a rounded head instead penetrates between the threads. One such needle you can find among our sewing workers.

When sewing on elastic fabric, it is also important to choose an elastic seam for the seam not to crack in the finished project. For non-elastic fabrics, a regular straight stitch works well, but don't forget that you can often have to zigzag the edges so that the fabric does not fray.

Children fabrics

Fabrics for sewing for children can be found in several places in the online store. Under the Meters menu, you will find the Child Pattern submenu that contains a variety of lovely fabrics that are suitable for sewing to children. There are also the menus star fabrics and fabrics with dots that are popular to use for the children's room or other children's projects like baby nests.

Under the menu Clothing fabrics you will find soft jogging fabrics and several of them have nice children's patterns. And there are also velor fabrics that are perfect for comfortable play clothes for the children.

Under the jersey menu you will find a large selection of soft fabrics that are suitable for hats, slats, bodys, pants and sweaters for the little ones.

Here you will find everything from fine organic single-color knitwear to cool digital printed fabrics and adorable designs from popular suppliers for children's fabrics such as Shalmiak and PaaPii.


If you are looking for fabrics to sew clothes off then there are of course a whole host of fine fabrics under the menu Clothes clothes. You will also find many fine fabrics that are suitable for clothing sewing under the men's Trikå and Metervaror menus. Among knitwear you will find fabrics for linen, tops, leggings and underwear, and among the fabric products you can find fine cotton fabrics for blouses, shirts and tunics.

Fabrics for the home

You will find everything you need when sewing to the home under the Meters, Furniture, and Outdoor menus. Among fabrics you will find fine fabrics for curtains, pillows and other home furnishings. Under Utetyg you will find fine fabric, awning fabric and canvas. There you have everything you need to create a comfortable relaxation corner in your garden.

And now you can forget everything we said

Of course, it is perfectly excellent to experiment with the fabrics and there is nothing that says that you will not find fabrics for your clothes among the furniture fabrics and vice versa. It is only the imagination that sets limits and often it is the most unexpected that will be most successful!

Good luck and warm Welcome to Nordic Textiles - Your fabric store online!


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