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How do I shop?

1. Find the product

-Use the menus
Choose product group in the top menu and click on the subcategories. Wherever goods are exposed, you can click on the product name or product image to read more about the product. Once you have clicked on the item, you can order it by clicking the "Buy" button. The number is always prevalent with 1. If you place the mouse pointer on 1 and click, you can change the number you want to buy.
For example, if you want to buy half a meter of any of our fabrics, please write 0.5 

If you're using mobile, click on the 3 dashes that are located in the top left of the screen above the keyword to get the product groups.
It's also possible To get the product groups by putting your finger on the left side of the screen and displaying the menus

-Use the search function
You can also find a product by typing a keyword into the search bar at the top left of the page and then clicking the "Search button." You can search for article number, article designation and article description. You do not need to write the entire keyword, if you are unsure, just writing a part of a keyword is enough.

2. Place the item in the shopping cart

When you click on "Buy" the product will be placed in your shopping cart. The cart is always displayed at the top right of the page. If you undo a product, you can always click the red cross to the right of the item in the cart or click a new number in the number box and click the update button to change the number. If you want to empty the entire shopping cart then remove the goods with the red cross on the right.
If you are satisfied and want to confirm your order, click "Checkout".

3. Checkout

-Log in

Are you already a customer, sign in with email and password. The login can be found at the top of the white list under "Login". If you forgot your password, type your email address and click "Submit" and a new password will be sent to the specified email address. You can change your password or other customer information at any time after logging in.


All our packages are shipped with UPS.

-Finishing you order

You can send a comment to your order in the message box.

Click "Confirm purchase" to complete the order. You can also cancel the purchase here if you wish. Once you confirm your purchase, you will receive a confirmation while sending the same confirmation to your registered email address.

We automatically register an account when you shop for the first time when we need to store your address details
Account details will be sent to you by email.
If you do not want us to retain the information after ordering is delivered, please send An email to our customer service, and we will remove your account.