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Milo aqua kappa mv

€ 14,50 / Meter
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Single-colored curtain coat by the meter with multiband The coat is delivered unfilled at the edges Our largest sheet of fabric is now available as a curtain coat with appealing structure and a large color selection Fits just as well for the home as for the office

Product description

These curtain lengths are sewn with transparent multifunctional suspension straps.
The strap has three different types of suspension options

Fold band length - using finger hooks.
Pour band length - directly on the bar in slabs.
Wave suspension - using a wrinkle band hook / needle hook


45cm high

100% Polyester

Laundry Tips
Washed at 40 degrees

On this jacket is the folding band.
When you count on how long a jacket you need, you usually take the window dimensions 1.3 to 1.5 depending on how Very wrinkle you want.

You can also hang the curtain cup directly on the curtain rod.
Behind the folding band is a canal where you can wood the curtain rod.



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